2008 Google Zeitgeist on Philippine Tourism

The 2008 Google Zeitgeist offerred interesting information on what Filipinos are searching for. First, SEX is not in the list. Apparently, more and more people are using google to search information in the web that Sex is no longer part of the most search words. But more than that, I’m surprised to see that tourist destinations is part of what we search most.

The report also showed that it looks like Filipinos are looking for information on local travel destinations. As Google describes it, “Local tourism was also alive and kicking with several beach resorts making the list”. Does it mean that Pinoys are now keen on travelling? Will they help boost the local tourism? What made it possible? It looks like more and more Filipinos can now afford a vacation

Below is part of Google Zeitgeist 2008.
Local travel destinations

  1. pangasinan
  2. cebu
  3. palawan
  4. baguio
  5. sagada
  6. bohol
  7. el nido
  8. plantation bay
  9. tagaytay
  10. punta fuego

Interestingly, Boracay is not in the list. I really wonder why. Is the island paradise of Boracay already losing its allure from local tourists? Why do Pangasinan is on the list? Is Bohol going to replace Boracay?

This is very interesting and I’ll definitely run a test on this.


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