Dumping Friendster

I’m sooooo dumping Friendster effective immediately. It was understandable if their system went nuts after a huge power cutoff when their data center was affected by the fire in California. But more than a month after the incident, my account is still not fixed. I can’t see my friendslist, the account is totally useless.

So for now, I’m moving to Facebook. It’s sexier, sleek and has the elegance factor. It’s more stable and faster and the applications available are better. Though most of the applications also works with friendster (a lot of the apps are shared through opensocial by Google), you can feel quicker response of Facebook.

Yes, it’s kinda late already to switch over but actually, I’m not really into social networking. A lot of my friends know that I only use it for SEO purposes and the social part of it is just a bonus. But even then, I seldom visit my account. But with facebook, I’ll try not to. I think it has a lot of potential to become a spring board for a number of campaigns. I wouldn’t even mind shelling some hard earned dollar for advertisements. Once I get the hang of it, I’ll definitely the ads feature.

Friendster has been very Jologs already so it’s for the “jologs”. Haha. Sorry for the slang. I’m not really my real self today.


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