Why Vedic Maths Not Taught in School?

I just watched Dr. Arthur Benjamin’s TED Talk and was amazed on his “mathemagics” skills. And then I found out that he’s actually using the Vedic Math techniques that originated from India. It’s really amazing and I must admit that I only knew about it lately.

Vedic introduces a radical approach in solving mathematical computations. To give you an idea, here’s a sample of that.

After watching the video, it left me thinking why it isn’t part of the curriculum in the Philippines. I’m also a firm believer that basic arithmetic and maths should be taught first before introducing Vedic. Besides, you’ll still fail to understand this technique if you don’t know the basics.

To be fair, the rainbow multiplication was briefly taught to us when I was in high school but the other techniques involved in the Vedic formulas blew me away.

By the way, here’s the TED talk of Arthur Benjamin. He got some answers wrong but he mostly got it. I recommend that you watch this brilliant man.


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