HTC Desire vs HTC Mozart 7 vs iPhone 4

Before you go further, I have to say that this post is not actually a comparison between the three handsets sporting three different OSes. It’s simply about what I will gonna get when I recontract my postpaid line. You see, I also need to upgrade my line because I’m paying a lot of $$$ for extra bytes I download. So the most logical thing to do is upgrade and with upgrade comes a brand spanking new smartphone.

A couple of days ago, I’m not even thinking of getting a new phone. Of course, I love to check the new stuffs and I was actually excited for the Windows Phone 7 devices. And now that a slew of them released to the wild plus the fact that I need to upgrade my plan, I’m now thinking of getting one for myself. And I’m not ready. hehehe.. funny.

But I managed to trim the options to three. And they are the ones I mentioned in the title.

First up is the now ubiquitous iPhone 4. I have no qualms about it. My wife has it and it’s definitely a great phone. Heck, my wife even has an extra bumper she got from Apple. That would save me some money. But the problem is, there’s still no stock in StarHub. That’s where my line is. I’ll get it if it’s in stock but it’s eternally out of stock.

Second is the HTC Mozart 7
It’s a fine smartphone. A brand spanking new OS with sleek and fast UI. But it’s quite expensive. It’s more expensive than iPhone 4 actually despite the fact that iPhone 4 has front facing camera and 16GB of storage compared to no secondary camera and 8GB of internal storage for the Mozart. But I love the UI of Mozart, I almost bought it yesterday.

The third is the HTC Desire

Honestly, I did not think about this one before. I only saw this while I’m fiddling the Mozart. And I was surprised that it looked good. I think it’s one of the more underrated phones out there mostly because people are raving about iPhone 4. But this is actually a well built smartphone. But then again, it has no front facing camera. Whether I need it or is something to think about. It has Froyo, too. And with the impending release of Gingerbread, I think it will only get better. Let’s take note that hardware wise, both iPhone 4 and Desire has almost the same spec. Ok, not exactly but in terms of processor, they are equal.

As I wrote this, I came to realize that my actual option is between iPhone4 and Desire. So it’s just a matter of whether I’m willing to line up for the 30 units daily that Apple releases to each StarHub shop (yeah, that’s what they said) and take a chance of getting it from there. If not, I’ll might go with the desire.


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