HTC Desire it is!

After a short evaluation of options, I chose HTC Desire.

There are several reasons why I chose it and I listed them as below.

  1. Price The price is S$198. A little less than iPhone4 which is at $230. HTC Mozart 7 is at $298 for the plan I have (SmartSurf 300 S$58) with StarHub
  2. Early Recontract = New Phone Next year, I can get another phone. If I get an iPhone4, I’ll wait for two years. Yes, that’s a caveat of getting an iPhone 4. Honestly, it’s a big factor.
  3. Customization Let’s face it, with iPhone4, you can’t go far as far as customizations in iPhone 4
  4. Apps Though there are tons of quality apps in iTunes, there are still apps in Marketplace that won’t be released in iTunes. App is also one of the reasons why I ditched Windows Phone.
  5. Availability HTC Desire is available immediately. With iPhone4, I’ll have to line up early in the morning at StarHub shops. And even with that, there’s no guarantee that I’ll get one.

So, goodbye for now to the phones below.

I’ll post some updates later. It will be a short review coming from a person who actually uses it.


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