HTC Desire – Update Profile Pic from Facebook

As I’ve written earlier, I got myself a new phone as part of the early recontract of my line. (Thanks, StarHub Singapore!) But since it’s new, there are some things that I need to discover to fully utilize this beautiful phone. One of these is How to update profile picture from facebook. Sounds easy, right? If I was able to link and get the profile pic earlier, why can’t I update it?

I’ll save you from further nonsense, here’s the solution.

Goto All Programs –> People –> Online Directory (the Globe) –> Facebook –> Menu –> Refresh

It’s damn simple, right? I’ve been tapping on that Globe before and didn’t realize that I should press on the Menu button and tap on Refresh! I was doing that inside the individual profile which is wrong. The solution actually makes sense because when you update the picture, it should be the whole list of contact instead of individual contacts. Oh well….

Overall, I’m loving this phone. Yeah, there are apps in iTunes that I want to see in the Marketplace but I think they are coming. As the popularity of Android grows, the more quality apps will appear. Yeah, there’s a lot of crap apps there, too. Just as there are in Apple iTunes.



    1. I wish I could do that, too! HTC should have put in more memory or have allowed the programs to save data into the card.

      Alas, you can do all that if you root your phone which I don’t intend to do in the foreseeable future.

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