A Dozen Apps I Use on My HTC Desire

These are the android apps I regularly use on my Desire.

Google Maps 5.0

Even before this latest version, I already use it on a regular basis. And with recent update, it is simply awesome. Vector graphics, 3D view, offline view, street view and more! You won’t get lost if you have it.

TuneIn Radio by radioportal

I love to listen to Phillippine FM radio. This is the app I use to do that…..’kailangan p b i-memorize yan?’

Advanced Task Killer

Some apps don’t have exit and doesn’t close. And some of them even run on the background. This one click kill all app will help you.


Meh. A very nice way to connect to my family and friends or should I say it’s my way to stalk some people.

Yahoo Messenger

This is very handy.


Use for short notes. This list is initially created in evernote.


Access my gmail and google apps mail.


Keep track of my walking and running activities


I’m wrote this post via WordPress for android. Usually, the short notes I’ve written in EverNote get translated into a post via this app. It’s also useful when editing posts for typos and grammars that I’m so prone into. :p


I’m a sucker of tech news.


It’s a is a powerful open-source Secure Shell (SSH) client that I use to connect to my webservers. It’s like a Putty for the smartphone. Simple and awesome.


I use this to check bus arrival time. It’s quite handy for us living here in Singapore.

As I have said, these are the regular apps that I use on top of the usual message, calling and browsing. It’s no way exhaustive. I install and uninstall applications. Certainly, there are more apps on my phone that I did not mention.


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