Low Disk Space Problem on HTC Desire

For those who have not rooted their HTC desire, low disk space notification is a regular thing. It is true even if you just installed few apps. The reason behind this is because HTC Desire has a very small internal memory unlike Samsung Galaxy S. That means you have very small room for your apps and data. Sure, you can move some apps to SDCard

Here’s a few remedies for this issue. It may not solve the problem entirely but at least, we have a workaround until such time that you are ready to root your Desire.

1. Facebook
Logout and relogin from Facebook.
Between FaceBook App and Contacts, the space used is already 23MB. After logging off, you’ll be able to recover around 6MB. Of course, that space will be decimated in time but you can do the process again.

2. Opera Mobile Cache
Although you can save the app in the SDCard, Opera still uses the phone’s memory for caching. Unless, of course, you root your phone and change the settings via console. And since.we’re not rooting, you can just clear the cache.

With Opera Mobile open,
– Click on the Wrench Icon
– Click on Settings
– Scroll down and click on Privacy
– From there you should see Options to Clear History, Password, Cookies, Cache, and Shared Locations.

I clear my Opera cache every other day. Just yesterday, the cache hit 12MB.

3. Android Browser
Just like Opera, clear the cache. I’m a heavy user so just imagine how big the cache gets. Most of the more than 1Gb of data I chomped last month is through browsing.

4. Transfer Apps to SDCard
Revisit your apps to check whether they can be transferred to SDcard if they are yet there.

That’s it for now. Hopefully, it can help alleviate your problem on space.


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