Yahoo Mail on HTC Desire

For those who want to access their yahoo mail from their HTC Desire phone, here’s how to set it up.

  1. Open the Email app (default email app)
  2. Press Menu button then tap More–>New Account
  3. Enter your Yahoo E-Mail address and password
  4. Tap on Press “Manual Setup”
    Enter the following Details
    Protocol: IMAP
    IMAP Server :
    server Port : 143
  5. Tap on Next and enter the following details
    SMTP Server :
    Port : 587
  6. Tap on Next and then enter account name and your name
  7. Tap on Finish Setup

I’m not exactly sure if the same steps are applicable to other Android devices but if not, what you actually need are the IMAP and SMTP settings. Those are the things that are kinda hard to remember.


One comment

  1. This didn’t work for me as the instructions in Yahoo mail options state that POP should be used. Perhaps it’s a change in the new Yahoo7 update.
    Either way, in Yahoo Mail (on your computer) click Options > Mail Options > POP & Forwarding and follow the instructions which you will see when clicking on the blue question mark box next to Access Yahoo!7 Mail via POP. It will give you all the info you need (port and server addresses).

    I used it to set up Yahoo on my HTC Desire Z in the standard email widget at the start of August 2012. It doesn’t seem to recognise custom folders but that may be another option that needs to be enabled.
    The other option for Android users is to download the Yahoo Mail app but it looks shit and contains official Yahoo spam!

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