Adobe Flash on HTC Desire

Flash 10.1 is working properly on my HTC desire when I tested it but I have already uninstalled it. Why? It decimated every little space left on my phone’s memory. At around 20mb in size and not installable to sdcard, it will eat up all the space left on the rather small internal memory of HTC Desire. Actually, I had to clear caches of my apps before I was able to install Flash.

In the end, I had to delete it because disk space is more important to me. The apps are more important than the flash banner ads and embedded videos.

I think it’s kinda sad that HTC Desire did come with a bigger internal memory when they actually pre install 2GB SDCard. It’s one big blot on this rather excellent phone. Honestly, I don’t know how long I can hold myself from rooting this phone.


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