Bluetooth Paired But not Connected

I have an LG FA163DAB iDock at home which I use with my wife’s iPhone and watching movies. I know it has bluetooth feature but I never really used it. Yesterday, I found out that it can actually connect to my HTC desire or any android phone without installing any app.

However, you may encounter some problems connecting to it, at least initially. But I think, that’s true to all bluetooth audio devices. So if you hit the Paired but not connected, don’t fret. All you have to do is to unpair the device and then pair again. You may have to do this several times until the connection is established.

Once successful, the phone’s sound will be directed to LG wirelessly. This technique is also applicable to bluetooth headset and other bluetooth devices. And the initial problem only happen the first time you pair the devices. The next time you pair, the connection is established without problems. Sweet!

Too bad, I’m sending that audio system back home in the Philippines. I want a smaller one. Maybe a href=”Bose Sound Dock II like the one below is in order.


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