Should I Wait for New Macbook Pro?

My wife’s Compaq Presario V3000 series laptop is already dying. I can’t blame it. It has worked tirelessly for us for four years already. I bought it just when Intel Core2Duo(T5500) was released back then. And now, the laptop is begging for retirement. I’m not quite ready to part with it since it is me and my wife’s main workhorse. But constant crashes(I installed/uninstalled quite a number apps on it), slow boot up and dead battery might force me to buy a new one. And with that, it may be a good time to change platform.

The wife is looking for an iDevice. She wants Macbook Air so much but since the new laptop/netbook will replace a workhorse, it should be powerful enough to take our requirements (Oracle express edition, Oracle DevSuite, MAMP/LAMP, NetBeans, PhotoShop, VMWare/VirtualBox, MS SQL Server on VM, etc., etc.). I wanted iMac for more punch and stunning display but that means I have to sacrifice portability. That leaves us with Macbook Pro and since I don’t want the 15in(expensive), we’ll have to settle with the 13th inch version. Its size and weight is manageable and runs on Inter Core2Duo. Ahmn… Yes, the same cpu that runs on my existing laptop.

So here’s the question. Given that Core2Duo was first released in 2006, is it still worth it to buy a laptop with that technology inside the hood? SandyBridge just got unveiled in CES and NVIDIA and Intel just settled last week their suits against each other. So, would it be better to wait at least a month more? Besides, Macbook pro is already due to a refresh. MacRumors’ Buyer’s guide suggests to wait.

I just hope the V3000 can still hang on a little bit more. But I also hope we can still wait for the refresh and don’t get disappointed.


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