Macbook Pro 2011 Rumors Still Hard To Come By

I now understand the frustration would-be mac users are suffering. I’m now stucked in a situation where I have to decide whether I’ll buy an mbp now or wait a bit more. It’s the same situation a friend was recently in. Back in Nov 2009, he already wanted to buy a 13″ mbp. However, mbp is already up for refresh that time and Intel Core i series have been around for quite sometime. Luckily some plausible rumors came out and then some announcements later welcoming the new processors to the macbook family.

But now, there are no rumors of a refresh(hello, Sandy Bridge) and it’s already February. At any rate, I hope I can still manage to wait. There will be another IT show in March here in Singapore. Hopefully, the new macbool pros will be available by then.

Crossing my fingers


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