Macbook Pro Refresh in March?

Whew! The other week, I was whining about the lack of rumors about the impending macbook pro refresh. And boy, when it rains it really pours. The past three days have seen quite a number of compelling rumors.

The latest is thef pricing from Best Buy as reported by Engadget. And earlier, there has been rumor of light peak technology making a debut. And one rumor is claiming that announcement will come as early as next week. More precisely, it would be on Feb 24.

Supplies are also getting tight in some markets. Here in Singapore, MacBook Pro 13in delivers in 1-3 days via Apple Store when in has always been available for delivery within the day if order is received before noon.

So I’m quite excited now because IT Show is on March 10, 2011. If the refresh is announced next week, then March 10 availability is just about right. I’m crossing my fingers.

Apple Singapore online store is now listing macbookpro availability to 3-5 days. That will fall just right for the Feb 24/25 release date. I believe it will be on 24th here in Singapore and 23rd in North America. Still in line with the usual Wednesday release. Ahh rumors!


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