2011 Macbook Pro Announced!

It’s finally official. Apple Store the world over is now showing the new specs and pricing for the updated macbook pro. Though the rumored 16GB SSD for system did not materialize, the Sandy Bridge Core i5 2.3Ghz for the entry level is actually a surprise for me. I was just expecting for an i3. The Thunderbolt is also a welcome addition though there’s no bump for the resolution of the LCD.

By the looks of it, I’ll be getting the entry level MBP. In terms of price, that is what fit my budget. The i7 13″ is within budget but I’m not really sure of the advantage of the 400Mhz speed bump and the i7  over i5 2.3 Ghz. They are both . Anyway, it’s something I’ll check and decide on later. As for now, the entry level mbp is good enough for me. the price difference is quite high and I’m thinking of just buying a new NAS. Maybe I’ll choose between an SSD option or a new NAS.

I don’t know, Singapore I.T. Show is on March 10, 2011. That’s almost two weeks away, I still have time to decide. 🙂


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