What Did You Buy at IT Show Mar 2011?

It’s the fourth and last day of IT Show. After herds of thousands and thousands of people, it is finally coming to an end. But the question now is, after squeezing yourself there and your feet stepped on countless times, what did you buy? Or did you buy anything at all?

For me, strictly speaking, I only bought a DLINK 320 NAS($99) with a 1TB harddisk($89) and an 8GB Sandisk Cruzer($15). However, I also bought a new macbook pro($1648) for my wife but I got it from Challenger in Funan so that doesn’t really count.

Judging from the number of people who went there and the long lines at the taxi stands, I guess this is another banner year for the organizers. As always, the show floor is jampacked. There are a number of good deals especially for notebooks powered by previous gen intel processors.

How about you? It’s that time again when you need to wait for the next IT Show in June.:)

Here’s some pics of what I bought. I’ll post the unboxing later. 🙂


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