Transfer Music From iPhone to Mac

Transferring music from your Mac or PC is simple because there’s iTunes to help you do that. But copying the files back from iPhone to your machine is a different thing. Yes, you can transfer your purchases using iTunes but what about your music ripped from your CD and… you know, the mp3s downloaded from the interwebs? Seriously, if your harddisk crashed or your old PC/Mac dies, then you have to find another way. iTunes is just useless for this case.

Apparently, you have a lot of options. There’s Senutil, deTunes(formerly expod), YamiPod and a lot more. Some of them are free or free trial and others are paid apps. Since I’m currently on a Mac, I tried Senutil which is being recommended by some tech websites. Unfortunately, it can’t detect my iPhone even after installing the iPhone addition (MacFUSE).

I tried several others and then found deTunes, free and open-source app that simply works.

So now, I’m using this application to copy the files from the iPhone to Mac. It detects the iPhone easily. To copy the files(music, playlists, movies, etc), I simply drag the selected files into a folder in the Finder. deTunes copies all the information including the folder structure unlike its previous version, expod which copies the files into a new name and removes the folder structure.

So yeah, this program just fits my requirement. And what’s the best? It’s totally FREE!

The download link for deTunes is as below


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