What I Hate Most About iPhone

In my previous post, I talked about how to transfer your music saved in your iPhone to your computer. But I don’t really have an iPhone. It’s my wife who has one. I can feel her frustration on why can’t she just easily copy the music from her phone to her computer as easily as synching iTunes.

That problem is just one of the factors why I chose an Android phone over an iPhone or Windows Phone. With my HTC Desire, I can just plugin my phone and it will be detected as a USB drive. I can easily drag files onto my phone using any file manager. No more iTunes or Zune or whatnot.

Of course, there are ways to synch files in iPhone but I don’t think the extra hassle appeals to me. Don’t get me wrong, though. I love iTunes. I use it to manage my playlists and media files. It’s a great piece of software but because Apple always wanted more control on certain things, it’s less awesome that it can be.

As a result, people who need basic features from iTunes end up either buying additional softwares or downloading free alternatives.

Later today, I’ll copy the whole music library we have on iTunes. I won’t need any special softwares to do that. I have the Finder(mac), my HTC Desire and the cable. That’s all I need. Simple. Fast. Uncomplicated.


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