Gun Bros on Android

I’m currently addicted to Gun Bros for Android. It’s a shoot-everything-you-see with a top view 3D graphics. The graphics itself is actually good. The gameplay is comparable to some PSP games.

The game is ideal for killing some minutes here and there. I’m currently on wave(level) 38 and is somehow stuck there. But before that, in took me a lot of tries on wave 18. I managed to upgrade my guns after that but then wave 22 was another challenging level. After that, level 28 is also challenging due to the number of kamikaze T.O.O.L.S.

The key to survival on each wave is to move around the world(map). Being stationary will only converge all the enemies and will pin your character down. Another important thing to note is to upgrade your guns. I recommer using upgraded rifles and stay away from shotguns and pistols. Rifles may be more expensive but they provide more punch that allows you to kill the enemies in a few hits.

The third thing to remember is to use the exploding fuel tanks properly. There’s a lot of tanks in the map and if exploded at the right time, you can kill quite a number of enemies at once. What I do is I go near a tank and sort of defend it until most of the go and converge near the tank(and you). By that time, I’ll move my character a little farther to hit the fuel tank and let it explode. The force will then kill all of the enemies near it.

When you download the game, make sure that you are connected to your WiFi as it’s quite big. It installs on the SDcard so space is not an issue on my HTC Desire. As this is a freemium game, you can buy warbucks with real money to be able to buy better guns. Otherwise, it would be hard to annihillate a wave of enemies as you progress.

Here’s the video of the gameplay.

Note: Video not mine.


Stuck somewhere in the 50-wave Revolution 1? Fret not! You only need to buy power ups. But in order to do that, you’ll need coins. Lots of it! So what to do?

I went back to earlier waves… as early as wave 3. And then played all the levels up until my bro died. Since I already have upgrade guns and armor at that time, the lower waves are chicken feed. In one swoop, you can earn as much as 600 coins. That’s more than enough for one health pack. Add another 400 and you can buy one aerial bomb attack. Buy three sets of these and you’re good to go.

Suffice to say, this is how I completed all 50 waves in revolution 1. But I was utterly disappointed to see that Revolution 2 is at the same map. Yeah, it’s harder to kill the T.O.O.L.S but meh, it’s the same map!

I ended up deleting the game after Revolution 1 and first 10 waves of Revolution 2. It’s a good game until you finish it.


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