Words With Friends on Android Review

These past weeks, I have been playing the addicting Words With Friends Free for Android. The game has been available for iPhone for quite sometime already and only became available to Android last month. Though it came late, it is still a welcome news for Android users.

Just like the iPhone app, you can play Words With Friends with your friends and strangers alike regardless of what device they are using. Your opponent can use iPhone, Android, PC or Mac as long as the app is installed.:)

But not all is well, though. Here’s the problems I encountered.
Force Closed
I’m using HTC desire and I’ve seen this number of times. However, I don’t remember seeing this after the last update. So hopefully it stays that way.

Slow Refresh
Most of the time, your moves are not reflected on your opponents device until at least 3 minutes. It can get longer. This is very evident during peak hours. I thought it was a network problem at first but one time, I was able to watch youtube videos and yet my game isn’t updated until several minutes.

Out of Synch Games
I still have 2 games pending because it is out of synch. My opponent and I are both waiting for each other’s move. Up until now, the games aren’t updated yet.

Battery Hungry
This is the Hummer of Android games. Actually even for iOS, this game guzzles up your battery juice. So make sure that you are near your charger when playing this game. Another thing is that it heats up the devices quite significantly after some time playing. That is true at least for HTC Desire and iPhone4.

But despite these problems, the game is still addicting. My wife and I play this game everytime. Even before going to bed. Untortunately, I got pwned by the wife. But I can conveniently attribute tye defeats o the problems I identified above.:)


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