Asus ep121 version 2

I’m very impressed with Asus slate ep121. It is great for both content consumption, content creation and office productivity. Since it runs on Win7, you can install all your productivity and content creation applications. It’s actually a laptop PC without the physical keyboard. That is exactly what I want to replace my netbook which is already begging for replacement.

On top of that, it has Wacom digitizer which is great for note taking and sketching. With the digitizer alone(which costs hundreds), the slate is already a good buy. But Asus has been good enough to package some software like the SketchBook Pro.

Unfortunately, the slate is out of stock in all online retailers and Asus has not replenish the stocks yet. They are also not announcing the Asus ep121 v2 yet. That is if they are ever going to call it that. But Computex 2011 kicks off next week. So there must be some announcements regarding this.

Hopefully, the next version will have the Intel i5 Sandy Bridge. Also, I wish the keyboard become optional as well as the sleeve. Without those two, the price may drop at least $100.

Oh well, I guess what I can only do is wait.


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