iPhone4 Screen Watermark Problem

A few weeks ago, my wife’s iPhone4 is showing watermarks on both sides of the screen. They look like dirty water that evaporated leaving sediments. Though not very visible if the background is white, it becomes apparent when you throw in a different background. Try to put in a blue one and it will be very visible and annoying.

Suffice to say that this is not a background image problem because we’ve tried several backgrounds. We tried to turn on and off the phone but still the same. We tried to turn off the phone overnight but cans still see the watermarks the next morning when we turned the phone on. It was disheartening for my wife because she took a lot of care for the phone. It never fell on the floor much less on the water. It has its own mini pouch inside her bag on top of the usual screen protector and casing. Heck, she doesn’t even bring it back home in the Philippines everytime we go there. So it’s a bit frustrating that after all the care and attention you give it, you’ll find out that the device is a lemon.

We don’t hear it often that iPhone has this problem but it is very real. It’s just that people don’t complain much because the dealer/carrier replaces the phone one-for-one. And that’s the case with StarHub. Yes, they’ll replace your phone if they find out that the device is really defective and wasn’t abused nor dropped in water. When I showed the phone to the technician a week after we first noticed the watermarks, he immediately offered a replacement right there and then. We are not yet ready that time because we haven’t back up the phone yet. So we just came back later and handed the phone to them for further inspection. After a few minutes, we have a new iPhone4!


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