Singapore PC Show 2011 – ep121 Still Missing in Action

The Singapore PC Show 2011 starts today and as usual, bootstrike has already uploaded tons of brochures so that you don’t have to squeeze yourself in Suntec. The most notable device right now is the Asus eeePad Transformer which is being sold by a number of retailers as well as at least one telco. StarHub offers free ASUS eePad Transformer for a new signup of MaxInfinity Premium Plus or MaxOnline Premium Plus @$81.32 per month with a 23-month contract. Not bad, I would say. MaxInfinity is the NGNBN product from StarHub with all that fiber-optic goodness.

But I’m actually on a lookout for ep121 slate, not a content consumption tablet. Up to now, it’s still missing in action. None of the brochures that I downloaded has one. I even called one of the Asus guys and was informed that their retailer has none. Why? I don’t know. The actual word used was “pre-order” but it was in pre-order for six months already. It seems like it was never released in Singapore. It’s still out-of-stock in the U.S. ASUS is missing a lot of opportunity there.

Oh well, maybe it’s better to buy baby cribs instead of burning my wallet for these devices. Not that I already have a child or infanticipating but we’re working on that. 🙂


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