Samsung Galaxy S-II on StarHub

I don’t know what took them long but finally, the sequel to Galaxy S brand has arrived. The actual product name is Samsung GALAXY S II i9100 (16GB). That’s quite a mouthful. The size of the internal memory is decent. I’m not sure if Samsung will release a 32GB version but 16GB would be enough for me already. My current phone, HTC Desire, only has 4GB in it. I already maxed it out, though.

This phone is already available for hands-on preview at the Samsung display center at Vivo city. Suffice to say that I already spent an ample amount of time with it and I’m really impressed. So here’s the here’s the published specs for this phone.

  • 4.27” SUPER AMOLED Plus delivers sharper and truly vivid colours
  • 1.2GHz dual core processor enables fast multi-tasking and web browsing
  • Video recording and playback shoot and share in full HD glory
  • Samsung Kies air allows web access to your device via a secure URL
  • Business solutions make your device a full-fledged extension of your office

And here’s the promotional text from Samsung

Finally, the groundbreaking sequel to the multi-award-winning smartphone has arrived. One of the most captivating mobile experiences in the universe harnessed in the slimmest dual core smartphone ever. The Samsung GALAXY S II is a stellar showcase of the best mobile innovations that redefines the conventions of Vivid, Fast and Slim.

What I like here is the Super AMOLED+ screen though the size is a bit bigger than I like it to be. I always say that 3.8″ would be the ideal screen size for my hand and yet this new phone is about half inch bigger. But I can live with that especially that Samsung Galaxy S-II packs a powerful punch with its 1.2Ghz dual core processor. This phone is really spannyThe camera is a real good shooter, too!

This might be my next phone!

StarHub nex has a demo unit on their shop. I almost subscribed a new line had I failed to control myself. No plans available yet, actually. But you can try the demo unit there.:)


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