Samsung Galaxy Z in Singapore

Hold your horses boys and girls, this new phone here might be a better option that the expensive Samsung Galaxy S-II. What you are looking the at photo below is the Samsung Galazy Z. It is touted as the little brother of the much admired Samsung Galaxy S-II that was released by StarHub last week. The S-II price ($448 for 2-year PowerValue300, $928 for no contract) is quite expensive but that’s understandable with its all bells and whistles.

Samsung Galaxy Z has a more modest features but still packs the 1.2 dual core CPU rumored to be Tegra 2 (as opposed to Samsung’s own 1.2 dual core processor. Also, this phone is sporting Super LCD as compared to the big brother’s Super AMOLED. And the camera is ‘only’ 5MP instead of 8MP for the more expensive one. So basically, this new phone is a cheaper version of S-II, if you can call that cheap. It’s like Samsung Galaxy Ace to the original Samsung Galaxy S.

Sadly, there’s no announcement yet on any of the three telcos (Singtel, StarHub and M1) or from Samsung when will this little bad boy will be available in this little red dot. They better move fast because the iPhone5 is rumored to be released in August. I have to go back to Samsung Galaxy Showroom in Vivo City to see if they have it there.

Source : phandroid


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