Google 3D Maps on Android

I was browsing Google Map on my HTC Desire to find a place in Tanjong Pagar when something came out of the screen unexpected. Buildings popped-out of the map. They are more than just blocks of squares because architectural details are captured. It’s exactly the same as what you can see on the map of New York.

Just to be clear, I am aware of this feature of Google Maps for Android. I’ve been browsing the map of Central Park in New York and I’m in awe for the incredible details. But I didn’t expect that this awesomene feature will be implemented in Singapore this fast.

The app works just the same as when you’re browsing any major city in the U.S. The multi-touch gestures works brilliantly. As expected, it takes a while to render the buildings the first time they are shown. That’s specially true when you’re on the MRT train. And keep an eye on your space because these additional details on the map can decimate the already little memory left on your HTC Desire. That’s another reason to root my phone.

Yes, my phone still uses the official ROM.:)  I’m thinking, would this ever be implemented in the Philippines? I’d like to see Bacolod and Cebu.


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