HP TouchPad Firesale in Singapore

By now, you may have heard about the firesale of HP TouchPad in North America. I first heard about it when a friend in Canada posted about it in Facebook. He was in Best Buy when he noticed the heavily discounted TouchPad. He bought one 16GB version for $99. It went down to $56 after rebate. Not bad. The only gripe he has now is that he only bought one. If he knew that it was actually a liquidation sale, he would have bought three. Of course, all stocks are gone by the day’s end.

Upon hearing about it, I immediately went down to Funan Digital Mall to see if there’s a firesale happening there. Unfortunately, the HP store there pulled the stocks even those in the display. All other dealers don’t carry any. When I went to Harvy Norman, the price is still $699 and they don’t have stocks either. But they do have a display unit.

The morning after, I visited Best Denki at Compass Point in SengKang. I saw one there last week. But the price is still the same today. So I went to Courts and they said no more stocks. In the afternoon, Harvy Norman in Centerpoint is also out of stock. One guy even said that they never received any stock.

So sad. Now, my brother in MD is waiting for the nearby BestBuy to open. I hope he gets one. I’m also hoping that dealers in Singapore to start the firesale tomorrow. I’ll definitely get one.

My brother wasn’t able to buy. BestBuy offered TouchPad online (pickup in-store). It’s already late when I found out. When he came over the brick-and-mortar store, it’s already out-of-stock.

Update 2
I managed to place an order via bn.com. I hope they don’t cancel it later. After my ‘test order’ went in, my brother placed an order for 4 touchpads. 🙂


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