HP TouchPad Order Cancellation at Barnes and Noble

At around 1300h (gmt+8), I was able to place an order for a 16gb version of the HP TouchPad. I used Paypal for payment and delivery address is on my brother’s place in Maryland. I messaged my brother about it though I know he is still asleep. He immediately ordered 4 and another one a bit later when he read my message. That’s six touchpads for the family.  All is well, right? Right, except it is not.

A few hours after I placed my order, several people at engadget are complaining that their orders got cancelled. A few more are experiencing the same at hardwarezone(sg). I said maybe they were not lucky or they are already late. Some of them placed an order at least 30min after I placed mine.

I was monitoring my order until 2330h and it’s still “in progress”. My brother told me that he got a notification on his b&n account that his order “cannot be processed”. We took that as a cancellation though there’s no explicit notice. Again, my order ia still on that time.

When I woke up this morning, I immediately checked my order(18 hours after placing it) and the status is still “in progress”. When I checked my mail, there’s one from barnes and noble. It states that my order weren’t processed due to the deluge of orders. There’s more blah-blah but the bottom line is my order is also cancelled.

I think that’s where my quest for getting a $99 HP touchpad ends.


One comment

  1. This is some BS, I called customer service because I didn’t receive any notice by way of email or phone, I went about my day for about a day and a half happy about the fact that I placed an order for an HP touchpad for the price of $101 and just a matter of time before I receive in the mail. It wasn’t until I checked the order status to see when I shall be receiving the order but to find out that my order has been cancelled. I had to speak and complain to a customer service operator from the Philippines in the Philippines, she put me on hold for about 3 minutes a time for about 5 different times and kept saying all she can say is “sorry”, “once I again, I apologize” and words similar to the that matter, I was offered a $10 gift card and thats it, but I would much rather pay $200 for the same thing I thought I was ordering for $100

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