HP Singapore to Sell TouchPad on Comex 2011

I’ve been monitoring HP Singapore’s page. Yesterday, they made an announcement that the touchpad will be available at the COMEX 2011 in Suntec City. That’s not totally surprising and I actually kinda expected that. My wife and I are actually discussing it last Saturday when we visited Funan. Anyway, here’s the screenshot this afternoon of the announcement.

However, there are some chatter about the TouchPad being bundled with other HP products. There’s even a supposed “insider information”. Again, that’s not really surprising. As far as I know, touchpad has been bundled in some banks/credit cards here during its launch earlier this month.

However, a lot of people are expressing their disappointment over the impending bundling promotion. If they bundle this with a laptop, a lot of people won’t be able to get a touchpad. I am actually in the market for a laptop but I have no plans of getting an HP. I just don’t like their current designs. The DM4 almost fits the bill but it’s heavy and bulky. Hopefully they release an updated one. Otherwise, goodbye touchpad.

I’m crossing my fingers that they don’t bundle it. More than that, I’m hoping that they have enough units to satiate the demand from Singapore. I’m actually salivating already. Too bad I can’t come early at the Comex. I’m afraid that at lunch time, all the stocks are gone.


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