A New Phone for my Birthday

I said earlier that Samsung Galaxy S II is not exactly the phone for me. It’s too big at 4.2inches, too high-end and too-expensive. I also said that I’m waiting for the Asian version of Samsung Galaxy Z which is a more affordable version of the GS2. Guess what, I’m chomping on what I said before because I’m now a proud owner of Samsung Galaxy S II.

How did it happen? StarHub dangled a carrot on me in a form of a $100 voucher in exchange of collaring me for another two years on their network. And that comes with a free phone I choose. Suddenly, the GS2 became more affordable. And then it was my birthday. The next thing I knew, I was swiping my debit card.

So how do I find the phone? Man, it’s awesome. It’s a dream phone. Dare I say, it’s much, much better than iPhone 4. I’ll give a quick review later. One thing I can say is that it’s more than worth the price.


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