Samsung Galaxy SII Drop Test

I always wondered how would a Samsung Galaxy S2 fare if it was dropped in different heights. Of course, when I say Samsung GS2, it doesn’t necessarily mean mine. It has a Corning-Gorilla Glass which is said to be really tough(come on, you can see people scratching keys on it and doesn’t make even a small scratch) and is very light. When you hold it, it feels fragile.

Luckily, there are people out there who would love to do that for us. And in the video below, there’s even a comparison to an iPhone 4S. See for yourself what happened.

Is this video enough to go “commando?” Actually, yes. But I’m still using a screen protector and a case. It’s not necessarily for protection but it’s more to add weight to the phone. Samsung Galaxy S2 is ridiculously light, you might forget you’re holding something (and may I add, expensive!). So as a solution, I added a casing for more weight and most specially, grip. However, I used my GS2 commando-style for the first two weeks.

Special thanks to Pagudpud Resort.


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