GT Racing Motor Academy on Android

I’m a big fan of car racing games so much that it’s one of the only few games I play in TimeZone. So I was pleasantly surprised when Gameloft released GT Racing – Motor Academy (FREE) on Android Marketplace. It’s by far my favorite game. I know there are competing games released by other outfit but this game is the one that gives a relatively realistic race simulation game.

At first, it wasn’t a favorite because it seems like I have to buy something first to be able yo race. I have no plans of shelling out money on games that I’m not even sure that I’ll enjoy. I’m a big fan of freemium model and if I enjoy the game, I don’t hesitate to pay. As an occasional gamer, a paywall a paywall is a deal breaker. Besides, what’s the point of downloading a game for FREE you can’t at least try it?

Luckily, there’s actually a way to play this game without paying a single cent. All you have to do is complete the tutorial at the motor academy. It’s basically the same as getting your driver’s license. Once you complete the.course, you’ll some money to buy your car and start joining races. That’s where the fun continues. I mean, the fun actually begins at the motor academy where you will be able to learn how to drive your car. Yes, it’s both fun and frustrating especially the part where you have to learn how to safely overtake another car before the lap ends.

In this game, you earn virtual money and experience by joining and winning races. You don’t have to be the first but being on top three will earn you some money. I have to say that you’ll need a couple of races to get familiar with a particular race track. It’s no different  on real life.

To control your car, you will press the accellerator on the lower right and the break on the left. Turning is via turning your phone from left-to-right and vice-versa. That makes the game more fun to play, actually. Imagine, you can twist your phone phone to the right and the car will actually turn right.

Okay, enough of my crap. Here’s some screenshot of the game. 🙂 Download now from Android Marketplace for FREE. It’s a great game with excellent graphics. Iy works perfectly well on my Samsung Galaxy S II.

Taps to Bohol Hotels for helping me on the photos.


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