Steve Jobs Biography Discounted Price ($17.88)

The much awaited biography of the enigmatic Steve Jobs is now on discounted pre-order at Amazon. A day before its actual launch, the price dropped to only $17.88 for pre-order. I’m really excited with what’s written in the book. Of course, reuters already got a copy of it and released some tidbits in their interview of Walter Isaacson, the author of the book.

And because I’m a freeloader, I’m waiting for the PDF copy. 🙂

Obviously, I already got a the epub and pdf copy. It took me several days to finish reading it. While reading it, I can’t help but to feel like I’m reading the history of the personal computers. I also respected Jobs and Woz more. It’s a good book. Very detailed. Actually, it feels like there’s too much details. But it’s definitely worth every penny if you buy it. I’ll read it again from start to finish.


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