Pacquiao-Marquez III on StarHub Channel 202

In case you still don’t know, the trilogy mega-fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez will be shown on Channel 202 (SuperSports) on Sunday (Nov 13, Singapore Time). Of course, you have to be a StarHub Cable TV subscriber with Sports Group to be able to watch it. In case you are not yet subscribed to the the Sports Group, you can buy instantly using the remote of the settop-box or by calling 1633. I already bought it via Instant Buy (remote). I just hate looking for live streams. Try to search for PvM, PvM Free Live Stream, or Pacquiao-Marquez Live Stream and you’ll be terribly disappointed. You’ll usually get directed to a page full of ads and affiliate links. It makes you hate SEOs.

Sports Group costs $12 a month. That’s nothing compared to what people pay in the U.S. Take note that with your $12, you already have all the channels under Sports Group for one month and not just for the actual fight. It’s Sports Group, that’s a lot of sports channels!

Steps to Buy SportsGroup
1. Tune-in to channel 202
2. Press the blue button on the remote and wait until the screen refreshes.
3. Once the SportsGroup details is displayed, press the blue button again.
4. Wait for a minute until the channel is displayed.

*** note : if there’s any error is displayed, call 1633.

Truth be told, I plan to terminate the Sports Group after a month. I don’t really have time to watch TV though I always try to catch news on TFC.

Taps for BAcolod Masskara Festival. Yeah, nothing to do with the post.

No Starhub Cable and looking for free streaming? Maybe you would like to see this.


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