Totes Umbrella Store in Singapore

I needed a replacement umbrella for my old Totes umbrella that did so well for so five years. It’s still working fine but I wanted a bigger one which can still auto-close and auto-open. I bought my first Totes umbrella in an outdoor shop in Taiwan so I thought it would also be available here in Singapore since I can see quite a number of outdoor shops here. It turns out that none of them carries Totes brand. They carry other brands but they just don’t cut the cake for me. In the end, I bought a new one from Amazon and have it shipped here in Singapore.

So what’s so special with this small umbrella? Totes umbrellas are compact and lightweight. If fits easily on your bag. The particular model that I have is the one pictured below (mine is gray color). It’s three-fold that automatically opens and close with a touch of a button. I didn’t find any other brand that has three-fold automatic umbrella with a nicely sized canopy. Mine opens to a 40-inch canopy which is large enough to keep me dry but small enough that it’s not too cumbersome to walk down a busy street with. It’s durable and does a pretty good job standing up to the gusty winds of Singapore. Before it, I was using my old Totes umbrella in the Philippines and it’s still working fine.

Totes Umbrella Warranty

Totes-Isotoner, as the company is called now, offers a lifetime warranty on their umbrella. However, the warranty is only available in the U.S. Since I live here in Singapore, I need to find an uncle to fix it suppose something happens to my umbrella. I’m using my previous Totes umbrella since 2007 so I’m hoping the same kind of durability comes with my new umbrella.

Taps for Pagudpud Resorts



    1. Yes, in the Philippines. When we went home for a vacation, we brought it to Mr.Quickie. Luckily, they found some parts that fits to our Totes.

      However, we already got a replacement by then. My brother sent me one from the states. 🙂

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