Samsung Galaxy SII Free Apps Download

Samsung is feeling Santa today. They are giving away free apps and games in their Apps store. The official list is listed below.

  • Air Penguin
  • Air Attack HD
  • Artillery Brigade
  • Bang Bang Racing
  • Bubble Fish
  • European War
  • Flip Flip Flip
  • Grow
  • Guru Planet
  • Paladog
  • Riptide GP HD
  • Roboto
  • Samurai II
  • Sprinkle
  • Trial Xtreme
  • Zixxby

However, the following games are also free. Not sure if it was free the whole time but I suggest you download them while they are free.

  • Bejeweled (TRIAL ONLY)
  • Modern Combat 2_Galaxy SII (TRIAL ONLY)
  • Assassin’s Creed Galaxy SII Free (TRIAL ONLY)
  • Asphalt 6 WCG_Galaxy SII (TRIAL ONLY)
  • UNO Galaxy SII
  • Brothers in Arms 2 (TRIAL ONLY)
  • Avatar
  • Zen Brush
  • Need for Speed
  • Dungeon Hunter

Some of these are high-quality games. The HD games are quite large but the graphics just looks awesome in my Samsung Galaxy SII. No mention on when this free download ends but if I were you, I’ll do it while I can. Honestly, I haven’t gone into the Samsung Apps Store until now.

via Engadget


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