Totes Store in Singapore

A lot of people know that Totes umbrella is good and it appears that quite a number of people are searching the net to know where to buy one here in Singapore. That’s not really surprising because Totes Umbrellas are reliable and will not break in strong winds. That’s specially true if you buy their titanium series micro-automatic umbrella. The price may be a bit of a premium but if you consider similar umbrellas available here in Singapore, then you’ll understand why. Besides the price is only a bit higher. I found some automatic umbrellas in Robinson’s but they are mostly either auto-open or auto-close. There’s no auto-open/close. And even then, the price ranges from SGD35-SGD45.

So, where to buy Totes umbrella in Singapore? It’s a tough luck. The only choice is via Amazon or eBay. But between eBay and Amazon, I’ll go to the latter. It’s simply because I trust Amazon better than eBay sellers.

Unfortunately, shipping fee can be more expensive than the item itself. If you use vPost, it will charge you an initial SGD18 and then depending on the weight (remember, Totes umbrellas are a bit heavier than normal umbrellas), you’ll add more. At the very least, the shipping fee could be in the range of SGD20 to SGD35. The average cost of a titanium automatic micro umbrella is USD25 which is roughly SGD32.5. That may cost your umbrella to as high as SGD60.

To save from shipping, group buy is highly recommended. At least with that, you can spread the cost of the shipping. SingPost offers virtual address in the U.S. via vPost while Amazon offers free shipping for some of the Totes umbrellas. Take note that there are other sellers in Amazon other than Amazon itself. More often than not, third-party sellers in Amazon charge shipping fee.



  1. Good news for all you Totes fans out there – Totes umbrellas are now available in Singapore – at a growing selection of shops including Motherwork in Tanglin Mall and The Shoppes at MBS. In addition to the range of umbrellas, there are also stylish rain hats and the fashionable rainwear in matching patterns now on sale. see www totes asia and Totes Singapore on Facebook.

    1. Purchased a Totes umbrella from Isetan Wisma Atria. However find difficulty in opening umbrella. As I understand this is life warranty, where can I have it replaced as the outlet in Wisma Atria is no longer there.

      Your early response appreciated

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