Modern Combat 2 for Samsung Galaxy SII (Update: FREE)

UPDATE: Game is now free for download at thw Samsung App Store. Hurry up if you haven’t downloaded it yet.

Modern combat 2: Black Pegasus is a first person shooter with amazing graphics reminiscent of an existing console title with similar name. It’s graphics is stunningly beautiful and is probably the best first-person shooter yet available for Android phones. The controls are responsive and the environments (desert towns, jungles, snowy wastes, oil rigs, etc) are very well designed. On top of that, this game allows online multi-player mode to add to the excitement.

As with other GameLoft HD games, Modern combat 2: Black Pegasus requires a huge download file. It’s around 450MB so you better be in a WiFi when you download the game. Otherwise, you’ll be charged dearly if you’re on a limited bandwidth. I know it very well because I mistakenly downloaded Brothers in Arms 2 HD on 3G/HSDPA+ and got charged. My current plan only allows 1GB. So be careful with that.

Another thing to note is that due to the higher level of detail in the graphics, the game has to pre-load the some parts of the game which slows each startup of a level. The AI of the enemies is also quite poor. Other games are also complaining about the uninspiring scripting and the patchy difficulty.

Here are some screenshots of the game.

I only played the first level of the campaign but I can already tell that it’s by far the best first person shooter. Yes, it is even better than Brothers in Arms 2 HD. And despite its flaws, it’s still a superb achievement for GameLoft to be to release this game. Black Pegasus delivers a complete experience in a first-person shooter game.

However as of now, I’m not buying the full game. It costs SGD8 chargeable to my StarHub line to buy the full game. For a casual gamer like me, that’s quite a steep price. So, I’m still thinking whether I’ll buy it or not. (Update : already downloaded the full game)Not that I can’t buy it but whether there’s a value in it. I downloaded all the Samsung Galaxy SII Free apps and I do not have the time to play with all games, yet. So now, I’ll pass.


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