Tiny Robots Final Boss

I already said that I abandoned Tiny Robots mostly due to the feeling like the bosses fights are not supposed to be finished unless you buy some stuffs in the game store. Apparently, RunnerGames, Tiny Robot’s developer heard the gripes of the players and decided to add upgrades and power-ups to entice the players into coming back and make the bosses beatable, albeit still hard. Maybe they decided to do that because they realized (or was informed) that most players are stucked on the first boss level and that the level is so hard and frustrating. So back then, most players will just abandon the game due to frustration.

Suffice to say that the power-ups is really the carrot that dangled me back into the game. It made dealing with the bosses in each level easier. That’s not to say that the game is easy. The power-ups just brought back the fun in playing the game mostly because of the hope that you’ll be able to kill the boss. It has even become addicting to the point that my wife and I play it all the time in the train ride to and from home.

The final boss, The Dragon, is too hard to beat. But with the right timing and strategy, it’s not impossible to kill it. Actually, we managed to kill it. You’ll need a lot of evading, shields, laser and the storm. As every Tiny Robot players know, the storm is given together with a shield once a day. That means you should be careful on unleashing the it so that it doesn’t go into waste. A laser would be a good help but since it comes every once in a blue moon, the storm and the shield is your best bet.

I was able to kill the dragon with a combination of laser, storm, shields and evasion. Even then, I was left with only one life after the dragon blew up into oblivion. However, my wife was able to top it by not getting killed for the final level. She also used shields (which by sheer luck was aplenty at that time) and storm.

***** SPOILER ALERT!!!!! ******
After the Dragon Boss, the game ends. The screen will show you a list of other games RunnerGames created. It’s also at that point that you realize how much time and productivity was lost due to playing the game. At least, we had fun.



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