How To Kill Orochi of Samurai II

The last chapter/stage of Samurai II: Vengeance is quite challenging. The final boss, Orochi, is incredibly difficult to kill. It took lots and lots of tries before I finally defeated the monster. There’s a lot of trial and error and volleys and volleys of archers to kill. But in the end, Orochi is finally down. But how, you ask? I’m listing down the things that I think allowed me to ultimately bring down Orochi.

First the Archers, then the Master

At this stage, the archers are annoyingly accurate with their arrows. The moment they appear on screen, roll to them and cut them into pieces. The most effective way to kill them is via OXO combo and if they are still alive, follow it up with a series of X. Immediately roll/move to the next archer after you cut one to death.

Hit The Monster’s Back

Like most of the villains in the game, Orochi’s weakness is his back. Let’s just say that his inability to turn to this back is his Achille’s heel. That’s not entirely surprising given that he is too big and full of armor(and flags?!???!) lest, he is slow to move. Having said that, Orochi can suck the life in you in one fell swoop of his weapon. That sweep can come few and far between but they are deadly.

The best way to bring Orochi down on his knees is via a series of O or X. Roll to the sides when he starts to stand up because he’ll sweep his weapon around the moment he stands up.

Bring in the Combo

When Orochi is on his knees, deal him with a deadly combo of your choice. Since I always bring him down to his knees with a series of O, I just press a couple of X to bring him the Cloud Cutting. If I hit him with a series of X, I press one O to send him a Raising Wave. Powerful combos can make the fight a little bit shorter. I chose those two combos because they are only one or two button presses from a series of either X or O. The faster you send the combo when he’s on his knees, the better.

However, be careful when sending combos if he is about to stand up. It starts when he hit his weapon to the ground to help him stand up. The roundhouse wallop comes immediately after that and if your character is not yet rolling out at that time, chances are your life will be cut in half or worse, you’ll need to ‘try again’.

Roll and Kill

Avoid Orochi’s wallop by rolling to the side. He does this when he stands up from his knees. When he’s standing up, he can track and hit you with his long sword.

It must be remembered at all times to be at the back side of Orochi. Be patient to roll and wait for the right time to attack.

When He’s Down, Wait for the Comics

Seriously, it may happen that Orochi is already dead but his archers are not. It happened to me and since my character has only about 10% life that time, it didn’t take long before one of the archers finished me. I ended up retrying to kill Orochi again which I must say is not easy.

The fight is finished only when the comics comes out. I’m not gonna tell you what happens after that. At least, not now. But basically, the game ends there.

Generally, Samurai II is an awesome game. It’s one of the best hack-and-slash games I ever played. It’s not boring to play. Add to that is an excellent story and amazingly elaborate death traps. I can’t wait for the next version.

I found a video in youtube on how to beat Orochi. As you can see, it’s a matter of positioning yourself on his back and quickly eliminating the archers.


    1. I love this game too and I’m in chapter 7, mhen i hate the guys throwing arrows, but. XXOXX combo deals with them. Orochi beats me about 12 times but i can defeat him now thanks!

  1. Somebody please help that I am at 3rd chapter now many times I have cleard this chapter but now it’s not moving to next chapter 4. Please suggest me what step I have to take for moving up. This is third day I am playing same chapter.

  2. this game is useless u can’t block attacks from your enemies just cuttin cuttin cuttin u lol no use…………….even enemies can defind themselfs.

  3. geez I’ve been trying and trying, still can’t kill the freaking monster, not anymore I guess, now I that I know what to do

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