Modern Combat 2: How to Kill Nikitich

I already said in my previous post that Modern Combat 2:Black Pegasus is probably the best first-person-shooter game available for mobile devices. Testament to that is the fact that I’m hooked into it. I, who is not really a gamer. How much more for people who grew up with “nintendo thumbs”?

So, I was stuck on one checkpoint named ‘Tracking the supplier pt. 2’. There’s this guy named Nikitich that you have to find and take into custody to be able to extract intelligence information. It will require a lot of shooting in a huge warehouse and adjoining areas. It’s quite tough to navigate the map and kill the bad guys. So Nikitich was able to slip out in the car pool area. It turns out that he managed to get into a tank and is trying to get out. And you have to stop him.

Luckily, there’s an RPG at the middle of the empty car park that you have to use to disable the tank. But this tank has thick armor. You’ll need several shots before you can disable it. But aside from aiming and shooting the tank, you also have to cover and move your ass because there are waves and waves of guards who are going to kill you. At the same time, you have to stay away from the tank’s main gun. It only needs one shot on your location and you’re dead.

You’ll need to hit the tank at least eight (8) times to disable it. But exactly how to do it is the challenge. One poster in the forum I frequeny said that he’s litterally stuck on that check point for at least a month. And that’s really possible because the guards just keep on coming. Numerous times, I hit the tank at least six times before I get killed and start all over again..and again…and again. It’s really frustrating.

That’s until I found out that in order to stop the guards from coming, you have to move within a small area. It’s the area where the RPG rocket crates appear after every tank shot. The first two waves of three guards may appear at first but you can easily wipe them out. Just make sure that you stay near the crates. Of course, once the guards are killed, shoot the tank immediately.

Second thing that I did was to use the RPG as my secondary weapon. That means you can easily switch to your rifle the pesky guards appear and easily take them out. I think this tip is very important because initially, I put down my rifle to get the RPG. That means I only have my pistol (desert eagle) to shoot the guards. And using the pistol to shoot the bad guys is really hard. And it only has 7 bullets per clip. Having the rifle as your primary weapon will do the job faster. To do this, switch to pistol as your weapon and before you pick up the RPG. That way, you’ll put down the pistol when you pick-up the RPG. By that time, you have the rifle and RPG with you.

And that’s basically it. Number one is RPG as secondary weapon and staying near the rocket crates to keep the bad guys away. You can then easily shoot and disable the tank. After that, it’s a whole new game. You’ll notice that the opponents are getting better. I don’t know, but the AI just made the game harder after Nikitich. But you’re too far out that time already that you’re already good at playing this awesome game.


    1. Its very easy, when you get the rpg, don’t fire at the tank first, collect 8 RPG bullets, because every time you fire at the tank more and more guards arive, just don’t fire at the tank because you can see every time you shoot the tank more soldier arive , when you collect 8 RPG bullets, shoot the tank with the 8 RPG bullets then its done. Sorry for my bad english.

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