PandoDaily Starts Serving Ads

My new favorite tech site, PandoDaily has started serving ads on their site. As we all know, PandoDaily is founded by my favorite tech reporter, Sarah Lacy with the help of her former TechCrunch buddies that include Paul Carr, MG Siegler and Dave Coldewey. She also hired several other top bloggers/writers to help her with her new endeavour. It’s like TechCrunch without Mike Arrington. I’ve been a regular reader ever since Sarah launched it.

For the first few months, they did not have any ads on their site. But we all know that it’s just a matter of time before they start serving ads. They need to pay bills, anyway. And just lately, I found out that they already started serving some ads. The ads are discrete and blends well with the theme.

Here’s the requisite screenshot as proof.

With this new development, I know that they’ll be on this journey for the long run. Congrats to Sarah and the PandoDaily team.


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