Samsung Galaxy SII Ice Cream Sandwich Upgrade This March

It appears like my trusty Samsung Galaxy SII I got from StarHub will finally get its 4.0 (ICS) upgrade within the first quarter of 2012, after all. If what’s posted in Samsung Israel Facebook page is correct, Samsung will begin rolling out Ice Cream Sandwich in the Holy Land on March 15.

Of course, I’m well aware that the post is purely for Israel only. But the fact that Samsung finally found a way to make their Touchwiz work with ICS is a big news for me. So I’m wishing that eventhough I might not get the upgrade on the 15th, the launch in Israel be the start of the global rollout.

And I think I must tell you that Samsung Galaxy S2 is very popular here in Singapore. And even the large Samsung Galaxy Note is always out of stock at the StarHub shops. In the MRT train, you’ll find at two or more people holding a SGS2 unlike a year ago when all you can see is iPhone.

Way to go, Samsung!


Source :  Samsung Israel Facebook Page via Engadget


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