Western Union Adsense Payout Now Available in Singapore

I got a message from Adsense Team today informing me that Western Union payout is already available in Singapore. That’s definitely a good news. Though the postal service here in Singapore is superb, there’s a still a chance that the mails do not arrive on my mailbox. In my four years here in Singapore, I only experienced lost mail once. I managed to get the money back after the holding period. Add to that is the fact that I have to visit my bank to drop the cheque.

Another good thing about it is that I can just go to the mall and pick the money from a Western Union agent. Okay, that’s still kinda hassle but at least, I don’t have to go the bank and drop the cheque and wait for two days to credit to my account. Also, I won’t be tied to the banking hours. With POSB, you’ll only receive your money on Tuesday of the following week if you drop your cheque after two pm of Friday. That’s four days as compared to immediately available in Western Union even on weekends.

Of course, nothing beats a direct bank transfer. But we can wait for that. 🙂

Here’s a portion of the message viewable on your Adsense console.

We noticed that you’re currently receiving your AdSense earnings by check payments, which sometimes can take a few weeks to reach you. We’re pleased to inform you that Western Union Quick Cash®, a faster and more reliable payment method is now available in Singapore for publishers with an individual account.


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