Disable VLingo in Samsung Galaxy S2

There are very few gripes I have with my Samsung GS2. It’s a solid phone and six months after I got it, it is still the phone to beat. But it has one BIG flaw that all GS2 owners hate –vLingo.

It’s a shotgun marriage between Samsung Galaxy SII and VLingo for voice commands. The purpose is noble but the execution sucks big time. And I wouldn’t normally mind that the crapware is there as long as I can disable it. But alas, it looks like some people at Samsung and VLingo colluded to give pain and agony to its users. There’s no way to disable or uninstall this crap.

And to top it all, there’s a problem on detecting your button presses that more often than not, VLingo is accidentally activated. I always experience this when using the browser and playing games. If you press on the home button while the browser is running, VLingo will show up. Unfortunately, I do that a lot!

So here’s hoping that when Samsung releases the ICS version of Android for Galaxy S II, VLingo is optional.



  1. Unfortunately this is still an issue post ICS on O2 UK. Right now this will drive me back to apple once my upgrade is available.

    1. That’s sad to hear. VLingo is indeed worse than the walled garden of Apple. But I’d rather root my phone and install a vanilla ICS or CM9.

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