VISA Outage in Singapore?

I was trying to pay my grocery at ColdStorage last night by VISA but the processsing took longer than usual. It eventually failed and so I paid via NETS. Later that evening, I tried to pay by VISA again in Sheng Shiong and the transaction failed again. Just the same, I paid via NETS. That was strange because I don’t have outstanding balance on that card. It can’t be chip problem because I use the PayWave in Sheng Shiong.

The following morning, I wanted to call my bank to inquire about it. But I saw the news in StraitsTimes that there was indeed a temporary outage. But the time the article.mentioned is between 1am-3am. I don’t know is the article ia correct or if that’s only two hours or 26hours. But I doubt if it was only 2 hours because my transactions occuree between 7pm and 9pm Singapore Time.

My main concern is the fact that one of the payment gateways of VISA and MasterCard was compeomised with the hackers cartibg away millions and millions of credit card information. Since I don’t find any other news about the glitch or announcement from VISA, we don’t know what really happened.

Okay, they said it’s a system upgrade but totally unrelated to the security breach. And they said it was only for 45 minutes. I guess those are white lies. It’s like SMRT/SBS Transit announcing the train disruption was only 30 minutes when clearly, people got stuck for at least an hour and had to wait for.another to get out of the station. And then later on, passengers were charged for over staying. 🙂

Here’s the URL of the article.


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