Android Ice Cream Sandwich on HP Touchpad

My brother sent me his TouchPad because it is already gathering dust on their home. He thought I might be interested and of course, I gladly accepted it. It’s still sporting webOS when I received it and judging from the several days I used it, I can understand why they no longer use this otherwise amazing tablet. There’s just too few apps available and the apps I’ve been accustomed to are missing.

I then proceeded with my original plan which is to install Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) using Cyanagenmod 9 for HP Touchpad. And boy, was I impressed with the device running on ICS. There are several issues(e.g., camera is not working) but by and large, the tablet is just amazing. To think that CyanogenMod for HP TouchPad is not even on beta yet makes it more impressive. You can only imagine what it will be capable of once it hit stable version.


The Nightly Build of Cyanogenmod9 for HP Touchpad

For a machine created more than a year ago and sporting the latest Android OS, responsiveness is surprisingly fast. Sure, it is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core APQ8060 1.2 Ghz which is respectable last year and even now but to run smoothly on the newest version of the OS is simply amazing. The cyanogenmod team made a fantastic work on this device and operating system. Ice Cream Sandwich smokes webOS by miles in terms of performance and usability.


HP TouchPad ICS App Drawer. More Intuitive.

With this new toy, we’ll no longer buy the new iPad as we don’t need it no more. I just hope my brother will not go back to his senses and decide to have his TouchPad back. Too bad for him as I don’t think I’ll bring it back to him. I’ve installed most of my apps in this device while my wife has her Draw Something running here. She has also installed quite a number of other games. So, this device already found a new home. Hahahaha. As they say, the TouchPad has good technical specs and its only drawback is its OS. Sure, webOS is really capable but when it was released, it was evident that it wasn’t ready for primetime.


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