HTC One V in Singapore

Singapore carriers released HTC One X and One V the other week. The former, as we know it, is the current flagship phone for the Taiwanese phone manufacturer. One X is also one of the most anticipated phones in the market with its impressive specs including the Tegra-3 under its hood. Not to mention, it’s also sporting the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich. But since its specs is at the top of the heap, its price is also high up there with the other top of the line phones from other manufacturers, including Apple.

That’s where HTC’s second device comes in, the One-V intended for.entry levels. There’s actually a third device, One S, but it isn’t released yet. I bought One-V for my brother and I’m sharing my experience with the phone from the last two days.

Processing Power
HTC One-V may not have the chops.of a Tegra-3 quadcore machine but it is surprisingly responsive in the two days that I used it. There might be some lag here and there when opening apps but generally, this phone is very responsive. Ice Cream Sandwich is humming pretty well on this phone and the One V simple hold on its own.

Battery Life
Despiteb he supposed problem with power management of the One-X, this phone can carry on with its duties for at least 10hours. I wasn’t able to drain the battery in a day under normal conditions.

Storage and Memory
I think one of the main shortcomings of One-V is the memory. At a measly 512MB, it.can be easily eaten up by newer and more engaging games. However, the 4GB internal storage is a help. That means you have to install/move your apps to the internal storage or to your SDCard.

No doubt the cameras of HTC One V and X are the fastest yet. Upon opening the camera app, you can immediately snap photos. I dare say that it is even faster than some DSLR. Yes, that’s how fast it is.


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