Ice Cream Sandwich for Samsung Galaxy S2, Finally!

After more than a month of missed schedule and Jelly Bean in the horizon, Samsung finally released their version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich to Galaxy S2 in Singapore. It is available via Samsung Kies. The versiom they released is based on ICS 4.0.3.

I’m yet to send it for a spin but for      now, here’s what I found out.
1. It looks just the same in the outside. There’s still the TouchWiz greeting you every time you open your phone. Try to open the settings and you’ll find the stock ICS goodies.
2. The screen capture combo of Home+Power is not working. I’m not sure if that’s already replaced with a new combo. I use that all the time. That’s also the reason why I don’t have a screenshot of my phone settings.
3. It now have a data usage monitor.
4. The upgrade reset my home screen. The wallpaper is still there but all the widgets and apps are gone. You have to rearrange your homescreen apps.



  1. Hi! I too have a Singapore StarhubSGS2. When I plug it into Kies it says the phone cannot be updated Kies.

    How did you get the update?


  2. I have the Samsung S2 updated with ICS after upgrade the data connectivity is having problem.

    Would you please suggest a wayout..

    Subscriber: Starthub
    Problem: loss of data connectivity.
    Updated my phone settings from Starhub but problem persists.. Data connectivity works sometimes very slow and often gives connection lost error.

    1. I encountered this, too. The problem is most likely with ICS as it is intermittent. Here’s what I noticed.
      1. Only happen with Facebook app. I can still use Firefox and G+ apps.
      2. Happens when I switch from WiFi to 3G

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