Disabling VLingo Voice Command on Samsung Galaxy S II

Most of the times, you need to dig deep into the google search results to find what you’re looking for. And in the case of disabling VLingo Voice Command on Samsung Galaxy SII, Google found a post about it in androidforums. The procedure is too damn simple anyone could have simply ignored it. Luckily, there are helpful souls who shares what they find out to free us from the chainballs of VLingo without rooting your beloved device.

Here are the steps:
1. Install and Activate Go Launcher EX from Google Play. It’s free!
2. Open the app drawer.
3. Press and hold on the blue Voice Command icon until it starts shaking.
4. Click on the X button and choose uninstall. Follow the instructions.
5. Optionally, you can uninstall Go Launcher EX.

That’s it. It’s that damn simple. And the bonus here is that you can di the same procedure on other crapwares that comes with the official ROM. It worked on my Samsung Galaxy S II running the latest Ice Cream Sandwich for SGS2. Hopefully, it will still work for those who are still at GingerbreadIt does not work with Gingerbread. But I don’t know why would anybody not want a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich. 🙂


***** NOTE *******
1. Does not work with Gingerbread
2. Works for my SGS-I9100 on Android v4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) official ROM
3. Does not work for Carrier specific crapwares.

If most of us can remove VLingo, chances are it will also work on your phone.

Source : AndroidForums



  1. I love ICE CREAM SANDWICH…. This works… Good Riddance the blasted Vlingo Crap!!!!
    This thing did not work on Ginger bread… it works on ICS 🙂 Love it Love it…

  2. i installed the app but it still could not delete the voice command,this is so annoying.Can somebody pls tell me how to get reed of this f** voice command?

  3. thanks, the vlingo was always going off inappropriatly ‘what would you like to do’, stupid, stupid feature.

  4. Cool – worked, thanks. Finally rid of that annoying voice command junk.

    Martin: first start GO Launcher and then go to the Apps drawer. If you don’t start the launcher nothing will change.

  5. Didn’t work for my official rom android 2.3.6 samsung Galaxy s2. No x button appears when you press long for the voice command app button. Yes I installed go launcher ex and opened app drawer.

  6. Did it and it won’t work. The logo will shake but no red x appears. Only on select apps will the red x appear and voice command is not one if them. So try again mate

  7. Thanks it worked, but how could I install the original Google voice command?
    (Reinstalling Vlingo can be done through Samsung Apps store)

  8. Thanks a lot, it works! Samsung really knows how to make you hate forever an app, forcing you to use it by normally using your phone; shameful strategy…they should have done a much better app, instead of trying to force us to use real junk.

  9. What would you like to do? thank god that rubbish is off my phone. It was forever going off when I didn’t want it to.

  10. Thank you so so much!!! This tip came in the right time, my voice control was in looping restarting every minute!!!
    Thanks again!

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  12. Another thank you, it got so bad I could not disable it and my battery would go flat overnight. I have written to Samung as I think we all should. You should be able to uninstall the app normally, or at least disable it.

  13. Thank you! I can now use my phone without having that bitch ask me “What would you like to do?” Uninstall you, this is what I want to do!!!! Fuck you bitch, I got rid of you! God damn Vlingo! I hate it I hate it I hate it!!!!

    1. The bad and the good.
      The bad.. As I posted earier, I thought it had worked as the icon for the program dissapeared, but it was still lurking, and would pop up when it felt like annoying me.
      The Good… My phone was only a week old, and started eating the battery so I had it replaced. I have not activated voice comand this time, staying completely away from it and it has stayed silent!

  14. I used to have Gingerbread (original OS for my i9100), and I had done this same trick and it didn’t work (the app is not uninstall-able). I recently upgraded my phone to Ice Cream Sandwich, and came back and did the same thing and voila, it is now uninstalled! 🙂 Hate hitting the back button twice and having the thing speak at the most innopportune moments, like in a meeting or in an elevator, etc…

  15. hy,i have Samsung galaxy S2 ICS 4.0.3 and when i press home button accidentaly start Voice Comand (Vlingo).the solution to this annoying problem is: download Easy uninastaller from Google Play,enter in the program and you see a list with programs,search there Voice Comand,is blue icon,and the select Unintall and you have escaped of this stupid aplication and then you can double-tap your home button and nothing happen just exit any aplication.i hope i help you

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